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How Virool works

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One platform for you.
Step 1

Use any video
From any platform

Host your video where you want it, no matter its length. You bring the video on the platform of your choice, and we'll distribute it. Get started on your first campaign with $100.
Step 2

Design your Campaign

Customize the video player to drive the actions that matter most to you. Want a custom banner that clicks through to your Pinterest page? We'll even design it for you.
Your custom banner goes here
Step 3

Target your Audience

Find the ideal audience based on demographics, geography, context or behavior. Want to target people who visited your site with a credit score of 700 or above? We can deliver your video to them on a financial news site.
Step 4

We place your video where your target audience lives

Integrate any third-party verification tool to check our results on the platform you trust. Want to check your audience in Nielsen DAR? We'll give you the audience guarantee.
Step 5

Analyze your results

Check the analytics as soon as your campaign launches and see every single site that your video appeared on. Want to tweak that list? We'll let you do it in real-time.
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