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Virool's emotional insights technology

How it Works

Some tools show you what video content is working. Our tools can tell you why.
Camera Prior to viewing video content, users are prompted to opt-in via their webcam, making it a user initiated experience
Smartphone Participants view content on their own personal device, representing an authentic viewing experience
Binary_data Emotions from the 300 person sample size are gathered, processed, and aggregated within the reporting dashboard
1 - Prof. Dan Hill, Sensory Logic Insight innovation Exchange June 16, 2014

Why it Matters

Using eIQ, you can optimize creative throughout the campaign lifecycle.


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Advertising that taps into our emotions and makes us feel something — amusement, surprise, interest, fear or pleasure — which in turn inspires us to take action.
Run A/B testing to understand which creative will have the most desired emotional impact.
Leverage eIQ results for in-flight optimization to invest in higher-performing content, audiences or environments.
Evaluate content performance to gain understanding and insight on not only what worked, but why.

See for yourself

Campaigns that make people feel something, perform twice as well as those that stick to cold, hard facts.

  • Objective

    WestJet partnered with Virool to find out which version of its “Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving” video had a greater emotional impact.

  • Method

    For four weeks, Virool ran a short version and long version on eIQ where 1,800 people tuned in to watch and have their emotions read.

  • Results

    In the end, the long version of WestJet "Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving" drove two times the emotional impact than the short version.

  • Short Version

    Sessions 148
    • Happy 38%
    • Engagement 78%
    • Sad 7%
    • Confused 10%
    • Surprise 20%
    • Disgusted 16%
    • Scared 11%
    • Negative 29%
  • Long Version

    Sessions 148
    • Happy 58%
    • Engagement 49%
    • Sad 18%
    • Confused 10%
    • Surprise 44%
    • Disgusted 16%
    • Scared 11%
    • Negative 29%

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