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A native video advertising platform

Distribute your advertainment to grow your brand, the right way
More than 33,839 people are engaging with videos through the Virool platform at this exact moment

Target people, not impressions

Beyond every device, there is a person. Get granular with your targeting using best-in-class technology. Virool built a proprietary DMP of 450MM unique profiles that enables you to target anyone from new car-owners in Texas to dentists with high credit scores.

Place your video natively

There’s a science behind the placement of a video creative, and we’ve cracked it. With Virool, you can engage the modern viewer with premium placements that don’t hinder the user experience.

Measure performance in real-time

Beyond every like, there is a laugh. Optimize as you go with the Virool dashboard that shows real-time performance and site-level transparency. Track how many people laughed at your punchline or gasped at your stunt with Virool’s newest feature, eIQ.

What virool can do for you

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands to drive real engagement on a video and bring earned media to new heights.
  • Kobe vs Messi
    Turkish Airlines & CP + B
  • How It Ends
    Under Armour
  • Share a Coke Canada
Earned Media
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