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Virool Reviews and Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it! Here are some Virool reviews and testimonials from our clients.


  • I was blown away with the fact that Virool team went out of their way to help me promote my movie on Vimeo. They set up a custom solution for me and promoted the hell out of my film. We got featured on Vimeo and became one of the most watched films on their platform.

    AJ V.
  • Virool came across my desk when I was looking for marketing service to utilize in my Kickstarter campaign.Since our campaign is heavily centered around our video, having a platform like Virool to promote it was key to our success. We killed it in the end and raised $47,900.

    I’ve recommended Virool to friends and family, and would also recommend it to anyone looking to promote a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign!

    Bryan B.
  • I’ve been a power user of Virool for 8 months now and I use their platform to promote music videos for the music label that I work for. We’ve done around 30 music video promotions to date with them and spent well over 6 figures. Customer service and team there always seems to impress us! Highly recommend.

    John S.
  • I work for VICE, now an infamous creator of documentaries on YouTube. We used Virool for variety of projects, but most notably for our work with Intel, K-Swiss, W Hotels and Levis Jeans.

    What blew me away about Virool platform was during our promotion, the targeting was automatically adjusted for placements and audience that was best responding to various videos… which in the end meant: higher engagement, more sharing, more buzz and more earned media.

    Kareem A.
  • I am a musician and an entrepreneur from Detroit. I used Virool to get people to see a music video I made with my friend.

    After that, MTV.com picked up my video and I participated in the contest. Thanks to Virool and fans it helped me built, I won the contest and my video was shown on on TV on MTV channel.

    I am really proud of being a Virool customer and have had the best experience working with Alex, Vlad, David, Jon, Anna and the rest of the Virool team.

    Phil E.
  • I work at a large media agency in Australia and represent clients such as VW, Qantas Airlines, the government of Australia, A&E TV Network and others. We recently began using Virool and I've been extremely pleased.

    We just wanted blog distribution for our videos and my account manager, Kenn, was able to set it all up for me. Through Virool, we were able to get our client's videos on virtually all WordPress blogs that have WordAds on them. Also, they were able to secure us viewership on 9Gag and Cheeseburger network sites.

    Rebecca F.
  • Jon, Scott and Amy are all total studs. I enjoyed working with their service and they definitely exceeded my expectations. Basically, after promoting a few videos I can see analytics, understand who watched my videos on which website, what kind of engagement and sharing my videos got. Then, I can just continue promoting the video that got the most shares. I had nothing but positive experience with Virool.

    Sam W.
  • I am a CEO of a venture backed iPhone game developer and we used Virool extensively to promote various trailers of our games. I have experience working with multiple ad networks including: AdMob, Flite, Flurry, TapJoy, AdWords and others.

    In my opinion, Virool tops them all.

    I would highly recommend them.

    Jake M.
  • I used Virool to promote my kickstarter campaign and after spending $500, I was able to raise $3000 more. So in short, it helped me achieve my goal and I would recommend others to use it. I was promoting a 3D printer on kickstarter.

    Amy H.
  • I enjoyed using Virool. The interface is intuitive, straightforward and easy to use. I actually recommended to a few friends to try and honestly there's nothing bad I can say about them.

    The company is great and I would definitely give their service a try if you are looking to promote a video online.

    Simon K.
  • My son is a musician and he always creates different music videos that he then posts on YouTube.

    The folks at the company were very courteous and they helped me understand the platform (I am not the most tech savvy person). We were able to get 20,000 Virool views, which reflected in about 80,000 YouTube views.

    My son was crazy pleased and told me that he couldn’t have gotten a better gift!

    Sam S.

    Because I was able to meet my kickstarter campaign goal with these guys. We started a 60 kickstarter campaign for a new type of designer shoes for women and with 20 days left, we had to raise additional $10,000 to meet our campaign goals. By promoting our video on Virool, we were able to exceed our fundraising goal and get a lot of cool customers on board. It's pretty awesome!

    Christina P.

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