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How does ChannelWatch work?

ChannelWatch not only allows you to dig into your own YouTube channel, but also lets you compare up to four channels side-by-side. You can compare any channel to your own or to other channels on YouTube.

The picture below shows you how ChannelWatch presents a sleek, at-a-glance view of the channel performances of two competing brands.

ChannelWatch features include:

Monitor your channel performance - The results are displayed in simple, easy-to-read charts for your convenience.

Channel comparison - You can easily understand how your channel is performing against its competitors in a side-by-side comparison chart.

Channel history - ChannelWatch tracks historical data that lets you measure video and channel performance over time.

Top channels and trending videos - You can see the most engaging video or channel of various industries and brand categories.

Additionally, you can apply VideoSpy to ChannelWatch to compare and track the performance of videos on different channels.


Check out ChannelWatch here: https://www.channel.virool.com and let us know what you think!

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