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Understanding narrow targeting

As an advertiser, you have access to Virool’s advanced set of targeting tools to help you reach the right audience for your video campaign. You can choose to target by location, gender, age, sites, and more.


However, getting too narrow with your targeting settings, such as geo-targeting on a city level or whitelisting a handful of sites, can affect the pace of views and impressions delivered to your campaign. Campaign delivery can also be affected by the budget selection. For example, if you budget $100 for your campaign and set a daily budget of $25, your campaign will run each day  until the daily budget is reached. This type of campaign will deliver your views over the span of 4 days rather than as fast as possible.

One possible solution to speed up the view delivery is removing some targeting selections. If this is not an option, some other solutions could be increasing the CPV, changing the pacing option to spend your budget as fast as possible, or promoting on all available platforms.

When the targeting selections are not specified, your campaign will reach a much larger and general audience. While we encourage you to take full advantage of our targeting tools, please keep in mind that adding more targeting parameters is like cutting a smaller piece of the pie. As you narrow down the targeting, the potential audience will become smaller to match the criteria. We want to ensure that the views delivered to your campaign are coming from your target audience, and with a niche audience, it could potentially take longer to accumulate views that fit all the settings.

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