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Why is my site in test mode?

So you've signed up as a publisher and want to start getting videos up on your site/blog/app/game to start earning money! However, you're still not getting videos and when you go to your account, you see this:

When your site is in "test mode," it means that you haven't completed the required steps for your site to start the validation process. Most likely, the step you missed was adding placement screenshots.

What is a placement screenshot?

It is a screenshot of your platform showing where the video will be placed. This allows our publisher team to know where to look for the video and see where and how it is going to look like when they review your site.

Once you take a screenshot, please scroll down and click on "Add."


After you complete the steps, make sure to click on the blue "Update" button!

You know you completed all the steps when you now see this at the top:


Remember that when you start the validation process, it takes our publisher team 2-3 business days to validate your site. You can still display Virool videos during the validation process, but you will not earn money unless your site becomes approved and validated. Our publisher team will send you an email once your site is validated.

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