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Should I spend my money evenly or as fast as possible?

When you create your campaign and set your budget and pricing, you can choose to spend your money evenly or as fast as possible, as you can see below.


If you're trying to generate more buzz around your video, we typically recommend that you select the 'as fast as possible' option. We're not saying this to try to get more money from you; you are only charged the funds you deposit in your account and budget for that specific campaign. Here's an example:

Person A and Person B both have $1,000 budgeted for one video campaign. They both set a max bid of 10 cents and receive 10,000 views.

Person A chose to spend the budget evenly in one day. This means the delivered views are spread out across the 24 hours. On average, Person A received 416 views each hour.

Person B, on the other hand, chose to spend the budget as fast as possible. He got 10,000 views in 2 and half hours. 

Guess whose video got more attention and recognition? Person B. 

A lot of videos can receive a large number of views over an extended period of time, but it is videos that receive a large amount of views and attention over a shorter period of time that are more likely to do better in the long run. In our example, Person B's video received the views in a shorter amount of time and was more likely to generate buzz!

Do you want your video to get views slowly, or as fast as possible? Please remember that the above example is not true for everyone, but the theory is. Videos that get tons of views fairly quickly grab more attention.

However, if you do choose the 'spend evenly' option, there are benefits as well! For example, getting views throughout the day can reach many types of people who are online at different times.

No matter which option you select, remember that you always get all of the views you budget for.

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