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Which ActivView product should I choose?

Using the categories and keywords you choose, Virool automatically matches your video with the best and most relevant placements. We give you the option to choose which products to place your video on, so which one do you pick? 

In the Targeting section, you can choose from 3 different products: ActivStream, ActivPage, and ActivSocial. 


As you can see, you can choose which devices you want your videos to be seen on, including laptops and different mobile devices.

The pictures below show what your video can look like with each product.



These videos will be placed in-stream.                                               


You can select ActivStream if you're interested in having your content displayed within existing video players on the page. This is great for awareness and your message is more likely to be seen to completion because viewers are watching it before their selected content!



These videos will be placed on blogs and normal websites.


These are regular websites you see online. Blogs usually focus on one area, like a blog about health and fitness or a blog about animals. You can find a blog for almost anything. Your video may be placed along the side, within the page as people scroll down, or the video can pop on the viewer’s screen. This is great for reaching people with a particular interest or set of interests. When you reach out to a targeted audience, they are more likely to be engaged by your video and take further action. All videos are natively placed. That means when people scroll down or explore the page, they will see your video and feel like it is a part of the site. 



These videos will be placed on social networks, games, and virtual currency sites.

Social Networks 


Social networks are places like Facebook and Twitter. They can also be sites where you meet and interact with other people in a social online setting. For example, the site OurWorld is a gaming site that is also a social network because users can create an avatar and meet people in a virtual world. There are many different types of social networking sites. Want access to huge communities of people who share common interests? You have it with this placement. The video may appear within the social feeds or apps.



These are games or gaming sites that viewers play games on, like IMVu and ourWorld. The videos are often displayed between levels, so you will already have their attention! Imagine how many games there are. Then think about how many levels each game can have. With this placement, your video has more chances to show up on viewers' screens than the other placements.

Virtual Currency


These sites are ones where the users are rewarded for watching videos. The reward can be in the form of coins, gems, credit to play games, gift cards, etc. It's a great choice to get your viewers to really engage with your video! Why? Because people on these sites want to click play to watch videos. Others can't play games until they get coins or credit. So what choice do they have besides paying attention to your video? They know when they're done, they'll be rewarded and your video was the reason why.


ActivPage and ActivSocial can go mobile!


Mobile apps are apps that are shown on phones and tablets. Your selection can be targeted for Android, iOS, or others! Just look at the Advanced Targeting options. The video automatically scales to fit the screen. People across the world are using their smartphones and tablets more and more. If you want your video to be seen on-the-go, we can make it happen.


Don’t forget:

  • Some sites can belong to multiple platforms. For example, a game that can be played on phones can be categorized as both “gaming” and “mobile apps.”
  • You can always go into your account and see which sites your video is playing on. There are many ways for you to tailor your campaign to optimize your results.
  • Virool values transparency. When you run your video campaign, you have complete access to your campaign statistics. See this article for more information on analyzing your analytics.
  • If you choose to use ActivStream and/or ActivSocial, you are only charged for views that people click to play and watch for at least 30 seconds. If you choose to use ActivPage, you will be charged for views in accordance with the definition of a "view," as defined by the IAB viewability standard. Click here to learn more. 



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