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Strategy for games

So, you've got a new game out and the game needs a good fan base. To promote your game on Virool, we recommend that you keep in mind a couple of basic things and to create a strategy based on these things.

Most people do not want to play a game without first knowing what the game generally offers. This is particularly true if the game costs money. If you are paying for something, you want to know before you pay that the game is worth it. The best way to do this is to promote a trailer of your game. In your trailer, show good parts of the game, and make sure those scenes lead the viewer to imagine possibilities. You want the person watching your game trailer to want to play that game, so display fun parts of the game and insert a cliffhanger at the end.

Better yet, link to a trial of your game when you are designing your campaign on Virool. By providing your viewer an external link to a trial of your game, you allow your viewer to test out the game first before committing. You can also include a link to a trial on your social media page for people who follow you. Another option is to incentivize people to subscribe to your channel on YouTube by offering them free trials of your game.

Utilize your social media communities. For example, you can offer game play tips and hints on your Twitter page. Request those who watch your video to follow you on Twitter by saying something to the effect of: "Click on this link to follow me on Twitter for game play tips and hints!" You can do something similar for Facebook and Google+. 

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