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Strategy for musicians

If you do not have a community on your social media networks, then create one. Set up a Facebook page or create a Twitter account and add your friends, your friends' friends, other musicians, musical groups, or anyone else who is willing to be added. Put yourself out there. Do not limit yourself to adding people online only. When you are out and about, connect with potential fans in person and ask them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

Musicians who already have a fan base should focus on increasing their community through social media. The point here is to get as big of a base following as you can, so that when you create a campaign with us, your campaign will grow exponentially, rather than growing from zero. It's easier to persuade people to watch a music video that thousands of other people have watched than it is to persuade people to watch a music video that no one has seen. Virool offers the option for you to add various types of external links directly on your campaign, such as a subscribe button, a like button, and a custom button.

When you are setting up your campaign, include a call-to-action to your viewers. One way of doing this is to include a YouTube annotation within your video, asking them to check out other music videos you have. 

Adding a subscribe button
Adding a like button

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