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Determining how many views your campaign can receive

We have created an auction-based system inspired by Google Adwords. Though how many views your campaign can receive will vary based on multiple factors, the primary factors are the amount you are willing to pay per view and your campaign budget. Other factors that affect delivery of views are your maximum cost per view, target country, keyword targeting, gender and age targeting.

Maximum Cost Per View. Your bid price, or cost-per-view, will affect how fast your video is promoted. In other words, think of all campaigns in our system as a queue. If you’re willing to pay up to $.20 per view, then you will be charged $.01 higher than the second-highest bidder. If the second highest bidder is willing to pay $.12 per view, you will be charged $.13 (even though you set $.20 as your bid price) and your video will be shown first to the audience you are trying to reach.

Target Country. Virool reaches close to 1 million people a day through our publisher network. Even though people from all around the world access our publishers' apps and sites, a majority of the traffic comes from the United States. Our geographic breakdown is the following: US (75%), Brazil (8%), Canada (7%), Europe (5%) and Asia (5%).

Keyword Targeting. When you specify keywords for your video, we will show it to relevant audiences on Facebook, mobile apps and blogs. We try to match the best possible audience for your video based on the keywords that you provide. But if your keywords target a niche audience, it might take longer for views to be delivered since your target market is relatively small.

Gender and Age Targeting. The most active audience we reach are males between 13-30 years old. The second most active audience in our network are females 35 years old or older. Given this, your video can be promoted faster or slower depending on the audience that you are trying to reach.


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