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How does Virool work?

Essentially how Virool works is we take your YouTube video and promote it on our network of sites, blogs, mobile apps, games, and social networks. We work on an auction-style cost per view basis, and our bid price ranges from 5 cents to 25 cents per view. Videos with higher bids are shown before videos with lower bids, distributed across higher quality platforms, and receive faster views.

There are two ad placement platforms you can choose from to select how you want your video to be shown on our publisher network. The first one is ViewSurge, which is specifically designed to advance your YouTube view count. You can learn more about it here.

The second type of ad platform is our line of ActivView products: ActivStream, ActivPage, and ActivSocial.  


ActivStream delivers video advertisements in-stream and promotes engagement via single-click social buttons and customized call-to-actions.  ActivStream requires the viewer to watch at least 30 seconds of a video in order for it to be counted as a view.  In other words, you won't be charged for views under 30 seconds in length and click-throughs, shares, and likes are free. 


ActivPage delivers video advertisements natively, incorporating videos into websites, blogs, and applications that match their look and feel.  This contextual placement optimizes the audience's experience and engagement. ActivPage charges for views in accordance with the definition of a "view," as defined by the IAB viewability standard. Click here to learn more. 


ActivSocial delivers video advertisements through social networks, games, and Facebook applications. Videos appear while the viewer is actively engaged in a social space, increasing the likelihood of shares and likes. This product elicits particularly high completion rates because viewers are already highly engaged. Like ActivStream, ActivSocial requires the viewer to watch at least 30 seconds of a video in order for it to be counted as a view.

Campaign Budgets 

Customers must deposit a minimum of $99 into their account to start any campaign. We offer two types of campaign budget options: daily (per day) and lifetime. A daily campaign budget requires a minimum of $25 per day, and runs daily until the campaign budget is reached or funds in a customer's account are exhausted. A lifetime campaign requires a minimum of $25 and runs until funds for that particular campaign are exhausted. 

Check out our tutorial on how to sign up as an advertiser here: Signing up as an advertiser


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