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Setting up a custom domain to reflect in YouTube analytics

Option 1: Simple

1. Go to the DNS settings for your domain.

2. Set a new CNAME record that will point your domain to:


3. Wait for the DNS record to pop up. This could take a few minutes to a few hours.

4. Reload your browser for your domain to make sure that you are being redirected to the virool.com server.

5. Set up a new video campaign for your account, but do not run the campaign yet.

6. Pause the campaign.

7. Contact support@virool.com with a request to use your custom domain instead of virool.com.  Make sure to include your account email and the custom domain you want to switch to.

Note: This approach does not allow us to serve https traffic, since we do not have an SSL certificate for your domain.

Option 2: Advanced 

Some of the bigger publishers (including most of the Facebook games) require https:// widgets. You can handle all https:// traffic on your web server (such as nginx or Apache) to decode https and proxy it back to our server on api.virool.com over plain http://.

The proxy rule you will need to set on the server will be:

http(s)://yourdomain.com/* => http://api.virool.com/*

Typically, YouTube will show only second-level domain as a source of traffic (something like yourdomain.com ), but if you want to be 100% sure, configure your server to serve homepage dir for this domain.

http(s)://yourdomain.com/ (homepage dir)

from your server while redirecting

http(s)://yourdomain.com/* ( example /api/v1/*, /widget/* )



That's it. Let us know if you have any additional questions about integration by e-mailing us at support@virool.com.


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