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Analyzing your analytics

Advertisers have access to full Virool analytics on their account. Our analytics will tell you where your viewers are coming from, what platform they watch your video on, and how long they stay engaged with your video.

Your analytics toolset consists of Overview, Real-Time, Social, Views, Map, Placements, Retention, and Heatmap. 

Overview gives you a glance at all the metrics around the performance of your campaign.

Real-Time shows your views in real-time.

Social shows your video stats on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Views shows you how many views your video received. 

Map shows where your viewers are watching your video.

Placements shows a pie chart of which platforms your viewers use.

Retention shows how long your viewers remain engaged with your video.

Heatmap shows how your viewer is engaged in your video.


To get a deeper look at your total views and displays, as well as to get your social media statistics, click on Social or Views. As you can see, we provide you with statistics from both Virool and YouTube for comparison. We also compile your social media statistics from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Notice that the views do not match between Virool and YouTube. This is because YouTube sometimes takes a couple days to update their view counter.

Below,  we've defined some key terms that show up on your Analytics page:

Views refers to the number of unique people who watched at least 30 seconds of your video.

Impressions refers to the number of times your video loads on a page, regardless of whether it was seen by the user. 

Clicks refers to the number of people who clicked on the external link you provided when you set up your campaign.


To access a map of where your video was most popular, click on Map. A map will display areas where your campaign was popular. You can view by date range by clicking on the date option. Scroll down to see a breakdown of countries and views.


You can also see how your video campaign is distributed across our publisher network, sorted by views and clicks. To get a breakdown of exactly which publisher your video was distributed to, simply click on the pie chart. Tip: You can opt out of specific publishers by accessing the publisher distribution page. 

You can also see a distribution chart of how engaged your viewers are by clicking on Audience Retention.

Finally, you can click on Heatmap to see how engaged your viewers are with your video.



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