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How Virool's pricing works


The minimum deposit to get started is $100. We have several different methods of payments available: credit card, PayPal, BitCoin, or wire transfer. For large deposits, we ask that you use wire transfer.

Campaign Budget

Once you have made your deposit, you can use your funds to start a campaign. The minimum campaign budget is $25 with the option to choose from a daily budget or lifetime budget.

A campaign with a daily budget will run each day until the budget for that day is exhausted and the campaign will be shown as completed. It will continue to resume the following days until the account funds are exhausted or the overall campaign budget is reached (whichever comes first). For example, if you budget $100 for a campaign and set a $25 daily budget, your campaign will run for 4 days and spend $25 per day.

A lifetime budget campaign has a set budget and will run without any pauses until the budget is exhausted or account funds run out.

Cost Per View (CPV)

Our service is based on a cost per view structure. The minimum bid is 10 cents per view, but we often recommend setting a bid price of 13 to 15 cents per view. Videos with a higher bid are distributed across higher quality platforms and receive views faster. The amount of views delivered to your video will depend on your campaign budget and cost per view bid. Following the example above, if you budget $100 for a campaign and select 10 cents as your cost per view, we would deliver 1,000 views to your video.

For more information on setting up your campaign, click here.

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