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The auto-widget (or auto ads player)

There many ways that you can integrate with Virool and show videos promoted on our network on your site or app. You can learn more about various options here.

One of the ways you can show our ads is to take advantage of our auto widget. In order to implement it, you will need to register as a publisher.

1. Log in to your dashboard.

Auto widget screen shot



2. Click on Step 2 - Integrate Our Widget in the green box. 

green box integrate widget.png

3. Make sure the Embed Auto-Widget button is clicked. 

4. Click on the Copy button to get the code.

Publisher Embed Code screen shot

5. Paste the code on your website.

The player will automatically pick top-paying ads and display them to your site visitors.

The main benefit of embedding our auto ads player is that a single video campaign will expire over time and you will stop earning money. With the auto ads player your site will always display videos that are relevant to your site visitors. Your visitors will only see each video once, because the player will pick new videos for the same visitor every time it is loaded.

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