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Using your My Finances tab

How to use your My Finances tab

It is easy to manage your Virool finances. Once you are logged in to your dashboard, click on your My Finances tab, found in your top menu. Let's get to know this page.

This is where you will go for everything related to your finances at Virool.

Under Transactions, you will see any site, blog, app or game you have added to our network, with their respective earned views and money for each campaign we send your way.

Under Finances, you will see any withdrawals you have requested from your Virool account.

Under Referral Payments, you will see how much you have earned from us through referrals or through our affiliate program.

Your Balance shows how much you have currently available for withdrawal from your account. You can also request a withdrawal from this box.

To view a specific transaction period, simply go to Date Range and click on the date button. 



Your Transactions box
Withdrawing money from your account

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