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Site Guidelines

  • Be content-rich with more than 25 words per page on a majority of the site 
  • Contain original quality content, not repurposed content 
  • Must contain natural, live, and continued traffic 
  • Must not host or link to any copyrighted material unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content 
  • Be a live site with natural traffic and not “under construction” or used for domain parking 
  • Must not over-use ads, popups, screen takeovers, or redirects 
  • Must not be search pages, proxy sites, instant-messaging sites, chat rooms, or sites with nonsensical content 
  • Must not use any mechanical, computerized, fraudulent, deceptive, or any other invalid or artificial means of increasing viewership, engagement, impressions, usage or any other measure of Internet traffic at your site(s). 
  • Must not re-direct traffic from other sites, including other sites you own. 
  • Must not contain content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others 
  • Must not contain material that violates intellectual property rights of third parties 
  • Must not contain pornographic or indecent material 
  • Must not contain excessive profanity or obscene language
  •  Must not contain hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against or defame any individual, group, or organization 
  • Must not sell or distribute illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons, or ammunition

Keep the following in mind

1. When setting up your site settings, be as accurate as possible. For example, do not click on Blog when your site is a Game.

2. Use accurate keywords to describe your publisher assets. For example, suppose your blog is about cats. These are probably good keywords to use: cats, kitty, siamese, meow, funny stuff, lolcats, teens, memes.

3. When setting up your site on our dashboard, upload a screenshot or two of your site or app. On that screenshot, make sure to show where our videos will appear. Make it obvious so we can find it when we are validating your site. If we cannot find our video on your site, this may delay payment processing.

4. If your website, blog, mobile app, game or virtual currency platform contains lewd or obscene content, please do not add it to our network. If you need to ask us whether or not your platform contains lewd or obscene content, then assume it probably does.

5. Do not use bots or deliver us with fake views. This will result in automatic suspension.

6. Your site or app should not be low quality. Do not over-use ads, popups, screen takeovers, or redirects.

7. Your site must have valuable or legit content. For example, sites that have only ads and no other content will not be allowed into our network.

8. Your site must have real and continued audience. There must be a steady flow of visitors to your site or mobile application.


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