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Publisher Guidelines

We are committed to offering safe and premium video placements for advertisers, and we strive to present the best possible targeting for our advertisers and the best matching of resources for our publishers. We will monitor your website, blog, mobile app, game or virtual currency platform to make sure you are following our guidelines. This can happen at any time and can happen randomly throughout your alliance with us. Please follow our guidelines to avoid delayed payment processing and to avoid getting your site or account suspended.

Joining our publishers network is fast and automated, and we always welcome new publishers to join our network. Please note that we work only with reputable publishers, and we have a team onsite to validate additions to our network. We reserve the right to check publisher websites at any time to make sure that our video placements are in good hands.

It's important for publishers to set accurate site settings (URL, categories, keywords) during the initial setup and to keep it up to date at all times. If you start using our technology on a new site, you will need to create a new site record on your publisher account for it.

We are constantly monitoring our publishers assets (both with automatic tools and manually) and reserve the right to suspend and ban publishers who (intentionally or not) mislead us regarding our video placements.


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