InLine DFP Integration

1. Click Inventory tab at top of the page and choose/create your Ad Unit. Be sure to select “Out­of­page” (custom) under Size and then Save.
  • Once saved, return to the ad unit and click “Generate Tags”.

2. Select Google Publisher Tag and check “Out­Of­Page” option. Continue to Tag Results and copy paste the Document header and Document body into your webpage code.

  • Make sure the header includes google.tag.defineOutOfPageSlot (and that UID for tag is consistent between header and body).
3. Under the "Delivery" tab, create new order and line item. Select “Out-of-page” under Inventory size.

  • Fill out flight dates, impression quantity, rate and delivery fields. Match it with the correct Ad units & Placements under Targeting. Click Save.
4. Select your Line Item and click “Add creative”, “New creative” -- choose Custom.

5. Copy paste our tag into the “Code Snippet”. Make sure the target ad unit size is still “Out-of-Page”.

  • Add dfp macros or click-through URLs at the end of the API request if you choose.

  • Uncheck Serve into a SafeFrame checkbox if it is checked.

  • Save and approve line item, and you’re done!