Troubleshooting Virool Widgets

What is wrong with my unit?

If you are here, you're probably wondering why Virool's unit isn't working. There are lots of moving parts that need to be working in unison for an ad to show and the range of problems can be anything from a missing comma to lack of demand in your region.

Let's run through some common troubleshooting tactics together.

1) Find the Virool embed code. Use your browser's developer tools > select the elements panel > search for a unique part of Virool's tag (i.e. "virool", or "widget_anchor").

How does this help?

  1. Shows you that our script is actually on the page and that you have successfully hardcoded or trafficked our unit through your ad server.
  2. Shows you what parameters are included in your tag. If you have separate mobile / desktop tags, did you traffic the correct one?
  3. Shows you how your ad server injected our unit onto the page. Was it via DFP's 'Out-of-page' ad size? Is it embedded within multiple iframes? What kind of iframe it is (i.e. Friendly iFrame, or SafeiFrame).

2) Make sure the widget_anchor parameter selects the correct DOM element.

The widget_anchor is a common hurdle for publishers. It dictates exactly where the unit will be placed. Essentially, you need to make sure you pass this parameter a valid CSS Selector or use our SMART algorithm to find a place on the page algorithmically.

How can I test this parameter?

  • Go to your dev-tool's 'console' panel
  • Type in "$('---INSERT YOUR CSS SELECTOR HERE---'). Please check screenshot below for example
  • Make sure the result is expected

So far so good? Great, let's check out the 'Network Tab'.

Network: What am I looking for? What should I expect to find?

3) Here's where you check if our tag is sending / receiving all the necessary calls from your webpage. If you're not seeing calls, or seeing incorrect network requests, you can determine what in the script tag was improperly configured.

  • First, make sure our actual unit is called. You can also scroll down to "Query String Parameters" and double check that you are passing all the correct parameters & that there are no typos.
  • On the left, you can see the series of events that have fired in the order that they were made. After the unit is called, you will typically see our "opportunity-checker" & other pixels firing.

Unit taking too long to load?

  1. Use the "Network Tab" or a webpage proxy like Charles and look at the duration and sequence of network calls. Find Virool and measure the time between all the calls. If there is a large jump between the times, this is a good indicator to investigate what calls the browser made in between. That will tell you what other resources were in the queue and slowing the rendering of our unit.
  2. Check that there are no browser extensions blocking part of the script's loading process.
  3. Check that there's no third party VAST tags that our unit is waiting on before rendering the unit.

Common Console logs

  • "offer not found" = Your ad opportunity does not match the targeting criteria of our campaigns.
  • No ads available = There's no ad at the end of the VAST chain.
  • "anchor not found" = The widget_anchor you selected was not found. Use the JQuery technique above to test.
  • "ERR CLIENT BLOCKER" = Turn off your ad blocker!
  • Video not converted (cover) = The video has not been converted to our mobile format.